Avishag Maya Zloof

My name is Avishag Maya Zloof.

I facilitate workshops and produce events on sexuality and intimacy in Israel and abroad. 

I am a holistic sex therapist, guiding women and couples in the process of rehabilitating and increasing their sexual desire.  

I am also a naturopath specializing in fertility and sexual functioning. 

I am a certified teacher of the Fertility Awareness Method, a method which allows women to naturally prevent or achieve pregnancy. 

I am also an ISTA instructor and member of Ishtar. 

I help people to explore, connect with, and love themselves. 

My path comprises years of study and exploration, in both Israel and abroad. I have gathered many valuable insights and tools along the way, and this enables me to share with my clients the very wisdoms that allow me to love myself and be the woman I am today. 

I believe that the many things I have learned should be passed forward so that we may together create a loving, healthy world. 

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אבישג מאיה זלוף

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