Cuddle Zone

A workshop / social gathering / open space where we can deepen our communication skills and experience loving, present (non-sexual) touch.

Cuddle Zone events have been held monthly in Tel Aviv for the past 9 years and we have recently expanded to Pardes Hanna.

The upcoming party in Tel Aviv 25.8
The upcoming party in Pardes Hana 9.9 - with Adam Pullman (USA) and Avishag Maya Zloof

meeting 20:00
starting together 20:30
until midnight

Cuddle Zone is divided into two distinct parts: 

The first part includes facilitated games and exercises. 
This allows us to get to know each other and feel comfortable in our surroundings. 
During this portion of the evening, we practice communication related to touch and connection.  

We practice asking for the touch that feels right to us.
We learn how to establish our boundaries and say “no” when needed.

We learn to accept “no” as an answer.
And most importantly, we learn to listen to our bodies and do only what feels right to us. 

The second part of the evening includes free time for dancing, eating, resting, hanging out and…cuddling! 

Just like at a regular party, everyone does what they want to do. Only at this party, you also get to cuddle (if you want)! 

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What’s the purpose of Cuddle Zone?

To practice communication and boundary skills, especially regarding touch

When it comes to touch, it's hard for most of us to say what we want and what we don’t want.

Most of us lack control in this area or find ourselves constantly trying to guess what the other person wants. This situation keeps us from creating new connections or being truly intimate.

It prevents us from meeting new (and wonderful!) people

The types of connections created at Cuddle Zone events are not possible in a classic Tel Aviv hangout, which usually involves a dark and noisy pub.

Cuddle Zone events are also not stressful, like dates tend to be… In a Cuddle Zone event, you can talk, speak and hear the other person. 

Receive warm, loving human touch without the expectation for anything more

Most of the touch we experience in our adult lives is connected (in one way or another) to sex. Cuddle Zone is an opportunity to separate touch from sex, to experience non-sexual touch that is loving and nourishing to the body and soul.

It’s an invitation to go back to being a bit more like kids.

Please Note:
Cuddle Zone events do not include nudity or sexual contact
of any kind—including kissing.

Participant feedback:

“I want to thank you again for the amazing space you created and enabled yesterday. I also want to say that I think it’s incredible how we reached the “free time” part of the evening in such a gradual way. It felt like we slowly peeled away the layers and each time my heart opened a bit more. It was just so good and pleasant. And I also have to say that I’m currently in a process of inner exploration and I’m really happy that I met you in this way, because it makes the whole thing feel interesting and completely possible.”
age 36
“I feel like this event really honed in on my need for tenderness and warmth, and also showed me that these things are accessible. They are right here, we just need to reach out our hands and dare to leave our shells behind. Thank you, Avishag, for creating a safe container where we can just play.”
age 28

Who’s invited to Cuddle Zone?

Please be in touch!